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Clinical Research Solutions

For over a decade, pharmaceutical, medical device companies and research clinicians have turned to us for clinical research services, diagnostics and therapeutic testing in the validation process for FDA approval. At BioSerenity we conduct Clinical research, Central Research Scoring Services (in US and International Trials) and Database Science Research.

Sleep and EEG diagnostics services

SleepMedClinical Research Solutions is a fully-integrated network of Sleep and EEG diagnostic services the US. Our patient-centric organization ensures consistency, compliance, and the highest quality performance and results on your trial. The experience and infrastructure developed in support of the clinical business carries over directly to many of the core competencies required to support complex clinical trials

Sleep and EEG diagnostics services

SleepMed, Inc. operates two of the largest-to-date databases on attended and unattended sleep studies. Each database is currently comprised of over 300,000 identified studies, each growing on a daily basis. SleepMed regularly publishes scientific manuscripts and conference abstracts with esteemed colleagues and agencies across a wide array of disciplines in the field of sleep medicine

Sleep and EEG diagnostics services

SleepMed CRSS has provided centralized scoring and quality assurance services for trials. Support for all trial phases is available with real-time access to trial testing activities. Using research-experienced technologists to score and analyze these recordings significantly improves data consistency. We are able to step in at the point of protocol approval and implement custom-designed site procedures to help ensure consistency

Sleep and EEG diagnostics services

PSG SleepMed has multiple sites with extensive experience includes Phase IIb – IV multi-center trials of therapeutics under development for the treatment of insomnia, narcolepsy, sleep apnea, circadian rhythm, and restless legs syndrome. SleepMed’s clinical research sites are staffed with experienced Principal Investigators (PI), Certified Clinical Research Coordinators (CCRC), Registered Polysomnographic Technologists (RPSGT), and Registered Respiratory Therapists (RRT).

Sleep and EEG diagnostics services

SleepMed CRS has significant experience with clinical trials related to neurological and psychiatric disorders. Through its nationwide network of providers and EEG centers, SleepMed has developed strong relationships with some of the most well recognized names in the field of epilepsy. Secure web-based links to associated epileptologists enables standardized and centralized reading of EEGs for trials. By utilizing proprietary DigiTrace Bio-Signal recording systems at all sites, a high level of standardization and reliability in data collection and management typically results in datasets that can be analyzed with confidence

Highest Quality Performance & Results


Repository and database of PSG recordings

Service centers in major metropolitan areas

Annual clinical sleep studies conducted


Browse peer-reviewed publications authored by SleepMed researchers who are advancing the understanding of sleep disorders and health. For over a decade, premier research institutions, pharmaceutical companies, and other industry leaders have enlisted SleepMed as a research partner.

Volunteer for a Local Trial

We’re looking for volunteers interested in participating in our clinical trials. People from all walks of life can be chosen to participate . Typically, participants receive excellent care from the physicians associated with the study and this care may be free of charge.