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Our Webinars

Bridging The Health Care Gap

In this webinar, Dr. Bruce Lavin is joined by Professor Martin J. Brodie, President of the International Bureau of Epilepsy.

Dr. Brodie has been involved in epilepsy drug development including having been both principal investigator and innovator of novel trial designs in his 30-year career. He is arguably the most recognized speaker on new antiepileptic drugs in the world.

Role of EEG in Patients With Suspected Epilepsy


In this webinar, Dr. Bruce Lavin MD, MPH, Chief Medical Officer at BioSerenity, and Selim Benbadis, director of the University of South Florida Tampa General Hospital Comprehensive Epilepsy Program will discuss their experiences, observations, and the collaborative efforts as a response to COVID-19 and beyond. In this episode our speakers cover:

  • An insider look at a recent publication on the role of EEG in patients with suspected epilepsy.
  • Importance of EEG in managing hospitalized patients with COVID-19.