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News & Noteworthy

AASM Updates Protocols for MSLT & MWT  

Guidance issued by AASM takes an updated look at the recommended protocols for assessing daytime sleepiness and alertness in adults“The AASM is making a bold statement on how to handle the appropriate taper for REM-modulating or alerting or sedating compounds,” says Cairns, who is head of sleep research at BioSerenity. Read article via Sleep Review Magazine.

WeHealth and BioSerenity initiate a new phase to accelerate Cardioskin 

Following a successful collaboration with WeHealth™, BioSerenity is proud to announce global distribution rights of Cardioskin™.  The Cardioskin™ is the only long-term connected ECG medical device that enables the acquisition, recording, storage, transmission and display of a 15-lead ECG in order to analyze potential cardiac pathological abnormalities. Read more.

BioSerenity Selected by La French Tech for 2021 Next40 Class Based on Economic Performance

The French Tech Next40/120 brings together promising French companies experiencing or about to enter hypergrowth in order to support them during their hypergrowth period. By joining the French Tech Next40/120, these companies follow in the footsteps of French trailblazers such as Mirakl, Blablacar and Ynsect, to name just a few. Read More.

BioSerenity Helps Advance Understanding of COVID-19 Neurological Impact

Hospitals in France requested BioSerenity to perform EEGs in ICUs during the initial surge of Covid-19. The data was reviewed remotely by BioSerenity’s specialists and shared with medical staff. Via these collaborations, BioSerenity is one of the first to discover EEG anomalies likely associated with Covid-19. Read More.

Premier Inc. Awards BioSerenity Preferred Partner Contract

BioSerenity has been awarded a Preferred Partner agreement with Premier GPO in the areas of sleep medicine, neurology and our SaaS platform.  Premier members now have access to BioSerenity’s  solutions to expand service lines and deliver high-quality, cost-effective diagnostic care.            Read More.

BioSerenity is Awarded FDA Clearance for the new EEG Wearable Device System

Neuronaute® EEG System and IceCap® bring comprehensive Remote Electroencephalography Monitoring Services to people living with neurological disorders. Together, the IceCap® and Neuronaute® system are a unique and ideal combination to facilitate access to care in a variety of settings. Read More.

BioSerenity Develops Virtual Clinics Providing Greater Access to Care for People with Epilepsy

Healthcare access remains a challenge for people living in areas where services are overburdened due to lack of sufficient medical specialist resources. The COVID-19 pandemic places a burden on routine healthcare services in addition to changing the way physicians engage with their patients. Read More.


Management of Obstructive Sleep Apnea in Primary Care

Featured Speaker: Dr. Michael Coppola is board certified in Internal Medicine, Pulmonary, and Sleep Medicine. Dr Coppola is most recognized as the first physician to promote and research the use of home sleep testing. In 1993 he published the very first case series involving the use of home sleep testing in CHEST.

Diagnostic Challenges in Pediatric Epilepsy

BioSerenity Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Bruce Lavin, and our guest speaker, Raj Sheth, MD, discuss their experiences, observations and the collaborative efforts as it relates to the diagnostic challenges regarding pediatric epilepsy.

Dr. Raj Sheth, MD is a clinical neurophysiologist in Jacksonville, FL. He currently practices at Nemours Children’s Health System. He has over 38 years of experience in the medical field and graduated from the University Of Malta Medical School medical school in 1982.

Bridging The Healthcare Gap

BioSerenity Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Bruce Lavin is joined by our guest speaker, Professor Martin J. Brodie, President of the International Bureau of Epilepsy.

Dr. Brodie has been involved in epilepsy drug development including having been both principal investigator and innovator of novel trial designs in his 30-year career. He is arguably the most recognized speaker on new antiepileptic drugs in the world.

Role of EEG in Patients With Suspected Epilepsy


In this webinar, Dr. Bruce Lavin MD, MPH, Chief Medical Officer at BioSerenity, and Selim Benbadis, director of the University of South Florida Tampa General Hospital Comprehensive Epilepsy Program will discuss their experiences, observations, and the collaborative efforts as a response to COVID-19 and beyond. In this episode our speakers cover:

  • An insider look at a recent publication on the role of EEG in patients with suspected epilepsy.
  • Importance of EEG in managing hospitalized patients with COVID-19.