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Clinical Research Solutions

With 20 years of experience, BioSerenity’s collaborative projects include sponsor-funded studies, investigator-initiated studies, and clinical research data scoring & analytics.


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Understand sleep and neurologic disease bio-markers through secondary data analysis.

Bring academic and industry partners together through collaborative research activities.

Sleep Studies

EEG Studies

(PSGs, PAP, MSLTs, MWTs) Growing: +13K every year | +100K Home Sleep Studies each year


& 49K EEG test days | +4.5K every year

For over a decade, pharmaceutical, medical device companies and research clinicians have turned to us for clinical research services, diagnostics and therapeutic testing in the validation process for FDA approval. At BioSerenity we conduct Clinical research, Central Research Scoring Services (in US and International Trials) and Database Science Research.


What Type of Research We Do

  • Centralized Data Scoring, Signal Processing, Custom Reports & Data Management
  • Protocol Development & IRB Approval
  • Research Lab Capabilities
  • Collaborative Grants
  • Drug & Device Validation Studies
  • Diagnostic Services Capability 
  • Clinical Site for Data Collection
  • Phase II – IV Clinical Trials

Our Network of Researchers

  • Board Certified Clinicians
  • Medical Writers
  • MD & PhD Scientists
  • Scientific Advisory Board
  • Regulatory Oversight
  • Registered Sleep & EEG Technologists
  • Administrative Coordinators
  • Principal Investigators
  • Research Coordinators
  • Registered & Consensus Trained Sleep Scorers
  • Independent Expert EEG Annotation


Who We Work With

  • Pharmaceutical & Medical Device Companies
  • Leading University Investigators
  • CROs and AROs
  • Various Government Health Agencies
  • Tech Companies
  • Employer Health Plan & Payers