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Thomas Edison was an inventor who developed the phonograph and the light bulb.  Due to his creativity and work ethic, he saw sleep as a “waste of time” and only needed to sleep 3-4 hours a day.  There is evidence that he engaged in ‘polyphasic’ sleep, where instead of sleeping for a block of time, he took power naps. 

Short Sleep

Short sleep is a condition wherein a person consistently sleeps less than six hours a night but is perfectly functional on that amount of sleep.  This condition is thought to be caused, at least in part, by mutations in the genes DEC2 and ADRB1.  The DEC2 gene influences orexin and the ADRB1 gene regulates noradrenaline release in the brain, which both increase wakefulness.  Short sleep is diagnosed by keeping a sleep diary, a sleep study (also called polysomnography), and/or actigraphy (such as a FitBit).  Short sleep is not considered disordered sleep if a person does not feel overly fatigued or need a nap during the day.  There are no known risks for a person with short sleep, but if disordered sleep is a factor, sleep hygiene such as limiting naps during the day and stimulants/alcohol before bed can be utilized.

How can BioSerenity help?

BioSerenity can assist with the diagnosis of short sleep by utilizing our SleepMed sleep study technology services, which includes polysomnography.  Polysomnography consists of an overnight sleep recording, which incorporates EEG (recording of brain waves) and actigraphy to measure sleep and wake. We have developed the NeuroNaute®, a proprietary device that can be employed for EEG recording.   After documenting sleep and activity overnight, our licensed sleep technologists score these recordings to highlight any factors that might cause sleep disruption.  Those with short sleep would have increased wakefulness very early in the day, indicated by high-frequency brain waves and physical movement recorded by the electromyogram (which registers muscle activity) or the actigram.

About BioSerenity

Headquartered in Paris, France and Atlanta, GA, USA, BioSerenity is an innovative med tech company and leader in Tech based Healthcare as a Service. We focus on Internet of Medical Things (IoMT), A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) and producing real-world evidence in Neurology, Sleep Medicine, and Cardiology. BioSerenity offers diagnostic solutions to healthcare providers and patients in the USA, Europe and Caribbean.

BioSerenity is also the preferred provider for several Contract Research Organizations (CROs) and prominent university medical facilities across the US, France, and other parts of the world.

Cloe Gray, Ph.D

Cloe Gray, Ph.D

Senior Scientific Writer at BioSerenity